Aboard the Horse 3: Balance and the Two-Point

This week, Sadie the Horse has been sick, laid up for about five days. Here’s hoping she’ll recover, not just for my sake, but for hers. When I first heard this, my first response, regretfully, was “Maybe there’s another horse I could ride in the meantime?” My first response should … Continue reading

Aboard the Horse 2: Freedom of Horse

“Horses still run. They are free.” – John Denver Are they? Are they really free? Or are they constrained by their very nature? I submit that there are two things about them that constrain their freedom: Fear and the Herd. First, let’s define terms. Freedom in common parlance is lack … Continue reading

Aboard the Horse 1

I met Sadie on June 30th of this year at Irish Manor Stables in Stockton, NJ . I couldn’t wait to start learning to ride, knowing that I had a conference to go to during the second week of July and that the stable was going to run a horse … Continue reading